Brian bisgrove home of courage registration:

While we would like to host all children with medical challenges, at this time, we are unable to.  Below is our criteria we use to determine potential stays at the Brian Bisgrove Home of Courage.

  1. Have a medical diagnosis of cancer or life altering illness including, but not limited to,  a serious blood disorder such as leukemia, acquired a hereditary immune disorder, congenital heart disease, mitochondrial disease, collagen vascular disease or neuromuscular disorders.  All applications are subject to approval of BBHC committee.
  2. We host children and their families from birth to age 18.
  3. Children and their families must live in the Central NY area.
  4. Must have a letter from child's physician confirming he/she meets The Brian Bisgrove Home of Courage criteria. Please submit this letter to:

Please fill out the application below as thoroughly as possible to help us determine your respite need.  Once eligibility is determined and space is available, we will be in touch to schedule your stay. 

Please be advised that due to unforeseen circumstances we might have to reschedule your stay. We'll try to accommodate you as best as possible. 

Please note: No pets allowed, due to the nature of the home! Except service animals, please notify us before your stay, if you plan to bring your dog.